5 good -& not cheesy- reasons to have a website.

(Let us make you one!)

1. A powerful first impression

Your website should have a design that says represents your brand and it says what you do without words. Have a clear heading that says what you do in 1 sentence, graphics and images that speak for you, and a clear call to action.

2. Reach people while you are sleeping

Ever wanted to make money while sleeping? With a website you’ll recieve organic traffic 24/7. Wake up to a full inbox.

A website is your online presence, and it doesn’t require you to open your store every morning. It’s always there and people from all over the world can find you in just a few clicks.

And if your business does have a physical store, you can create a website to reach even more clients and unlock new opportunities.

3. Design your own empire

A website is a blank canvas decorate it, build it, structure it like you want. There are no rules. Express yourself, show your brand’s personality, and make customers want to live inside your website, add custom features like online booking, instant quoting, live chat, forums, directories, videos, courses, you name it!

4. Renting a shop on a busy street has never been cheaper

Maintaining a website has a very low cost compared to a store on 5th avenue. And btw, you’ll probably make more profit.

Having your website online is very inexpensive, you would just need to buy a domain with your brand’s name (less than $10 a YEAR!) and pay for a hosting provider ($5 to $10 a month). Yes, that is it!

5. Squeeze your business into a link.

Do you hate handing out flyers? Do you even look at business cards? Your business can now be a simple link that can be shared, sent to, emailed and even said.

At events, expos, meetings, or even at your family’s barbecue, no more handing our business cards. Hand out your website to people, say it out loud, your whole business can be reduced to a .co